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Thomas Foods International (TFI), Australia’s largest 100% family owned meat processing company, is building a new state-of-the-art meat processing facility at Murray Bridge in South Australia.

It replaces the original facility destroyed by fire on January 3, 2018.

The new multi-species meat processing facility at Murray Bridge is expected to become a global showcase of advanced food manufacturing and set the industry benchmark for technology, efficiency, environmental sustainability, animal welfare and workplace safety. 


The plant is being built at a greenfield site approximately 10km outside of the Murray Bridge town centre.
The new facility is located approximately 8km from the site of the former plant along the Mannum Road and is close to the company’s existing wastewater treatment ponds.
A new 2.2km public link road between Mannum Road and the development site has been built under a Federal and State Government-funded infrastructure program for easy and safe access. 

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Stage One

The new Murray Bridge facility and its capacity will be built in a staged approach.

TFI has appointed South Australia’s largest private commercial contractor and one of Australia’s largest privately-owned builders, BADGE, to undertake the design and construction of Stage One of this highly anticipated project.

This stage will include:

• Beef processing facilities with an initial capacity of up to 600 head per day
• Animal handling facilities designed to the highest animal welfare standards
• Beef boning room with automated packaging technology
• Stockyards
• Employee amenities and administration facilities
• Fully automated carton chilling, freezing and storage systems
• Electrical, refrigeration and boiler systems to the highest energy efficiency standards 

Work on Stage One is now underway with construction and commissioning expected to be completed over a 24 month period.

Additional Stages

Subsequent stages of the development will include further expansion of the beef facilities and additional smallstock (sheep and lambs) processing capacity.

The plant, once fully completed, is expected to have total processing capacity of 1,200 head of beef and 15,000 head of smallstock per day.

The exact timing of the subsequent stages of the development is yet to be determined. 


As a major regional employer, Thomas Foods International understands the importance of job creation for local communities.

The new Murray Bridge processing facility will provide a range of employment opportunities in what is a growth-oriented industry.

Approximately 500 jobs are expected to be created during Stage One.

Once fully completed, the project is expected to create more than 2,000 jobs in total.

For further information of available positions click here.

Key People

Thomas Foods International has assembled a dedicated and experienced project team to manage the development process.
Led by Chief Executive Officer Darren Thomas, Group Engineering Manager Nekta Nicolaou and Chief Financial Officer Anthony Stewart, the TFI team is working closely with principal contractor BADGE to build this state-of-the-art facility.