How long will the new facility take to build?
The new Murray Bridge facility is being built in stages. Stage One - which includes beef processing, animal handling facilities, beef boning room, stockyards, employee amenities and administration facilities - is expected to take 24 months to complete. The exact timing of the subsequent stages of the development is yet to be determined.

How much meat will be processed at the new Murray Bridge plant?
In Stage One, the site will initially have a processing capacity of up to 600 head of beef per day. Significant additional processing capacity will be incorporated in the subsequent building stages that will see total capacity increase to 1,200 head of beef and 15,000 head of smallstock (sheep and lambs) per day.

How can I apply for a job?
Thomas Foods International will be undertaking a major recruitment campaign for available positions at the new Murray Bridge facility. This will include a range of roles suitable to school leavers and job seekers new to the food processing industry to those with more experience and specialised skills. You can find out more about the careers on offer at TFI and pre-register your interest in joining us here

What environmental measures are in place for this project?
Thomas Foods International has worked closely with the environmental authorities throughout the design and approval process of the new Murray Bridge plant. The facility incorporates electrical, refrigeration and boiler systems to the highest energy efficiency standards while incorporating TFI’s existing wastewater treatment ponds.

What animal welfare measures will be put in place at this new plant?
Animal welfare is a priority. The new plant incorporates efficient stock delivery and unloading facilities as well as covered and ventilated holding yards. Thomas Foods International adheres to the strictest animal welfare standards in processing.

How does the new plant compare to the original plant destroyed by fire?
The original plant was an excellent facility in its own right and had been significantly improved and upgraded over the years. Representing the future in food processing, the new plant is significantly larger in terms of size and processing capacity and incorporates the very latest global technologies and practices.

How can I be kept informed of latest developments relating to this project?
Best to bookmark this website as it contains key information about the plant and will include regular updates as the development takes shape.